Hello Internet Community.  For the first time in LA Body Mechanics five year life, I, David, your master body work specialist will be blogging.  I know, it’s not that uncommon for the owner of a business to blog about the goings on, the specials, the benefits of our service, and our overall sheer simple coolness, but this is certainly a new outlet for me to share with you all kinds of body related thoughts, news, and foresights.

I hope you’ll take the time every week or so to check in with the blog and lend your thoughts to mine.  Looking forward to sharing and discussing all things related to keeping you healthy, strong, and free from pain and discomfort.

Today, in this introductory post, I have one little anecdote for you.  I was recently seeing a new client who hadn’t received a massage in several years.  An avid runner and fitness enthusiast, this individual never really saw the point of getting a massage regularly, until finally the tightness in his body had turned to pain, and the build up of pain had limited his ability to run and train.  I posed a simple query…

“When was the last time you had the oil changed in your car?” I asked.

“Oh, about 3 months ago,” was his reply.

“And when is your next scheduled maintenance?” I followed.

“Probably another 2 and half to 3 months,” he said.

“Is something wrong with your car?  Why not skip the oil change for a few years?” I inquired.

“Well, I’d rather my car didn’t breakdown.”

Yeah…okay.  Of course.  I went on to highlight that we, as Angelinos, Americans, Earthlings, take better care of our cars than we do of our bodies.  Our bigger concern is not that we be able to walk efficiently to the car, but that we be able to drive efficiently to the next cheeseburger meet up.  What’s more eye opening is that when, in ten or so years, when that car decides to finally break down, we can always go out and purchase a fancy new one, with a sleeker look, a pumping stereo, and a much more efficient engine.

However, when it comes to our body, there are no upgrades, new parts are significantly more complicated (except perhaps in Hollywood), and you don’t EVER get to buy a new one.  So for pete’s sake…TAKE CARE OF IT!!!

So whether it’s me, here with LA Body Mechanics, or your local therapist, don’t you think it’s about time you scheduled your next maintenance?  It’s time to Tune Your Body, so get on it.