Effective Sports Massage Sessions for All Athletes in San Diego

Therapeutic sports massage combats the pain, discomfort, tightness and stress that develop in the body as a result of repetitive and intense athletic activity. Specialized techniques can help prevent injury, treat chronic or old injuries, enhance flexibility, speed recovery after long workouts, and prepare the body for peak performance. Additionally the psychological advantages of a stress-relieving therapeutic massage include full-body relaxation and a renewed mental focus. A Urban Sports Therapy session will combine several powerful therapeutic modalities in a transformative massage, specifically tailored to the needs of each individual. Whether training for a triathlon, marathon, long distance swim, or just battling the results of regular workouts, a Urban Sports Therapy mobile massage session will keep your body and your mind on track and on target.

Pre-Performance Sports Massage

Pre-performance sports massage employs rapid light to medium pressure strokes, gentle stretching, and light hammering of tissue to ‘wake up’ the body’s musculature in preparation for an endurance event or long period of physical exertion. An effective pre-performance massage can boost performance and help to prevent injury.

Post Performance Sports Massage

Performed directly after, or within 24 hours following intense physical activity, a post-performance massage employs light kneading of tissue to enhance circulation and decrease recovery time. Slower strokes also help to aid in lymphatic drainage, flushing toxins from the system.

Training and Conditioning Massage Sessions

Recommended on a regular basis for athletes in training, these sessions will focus on problem areas with structural, myofascial, and deep tissue techniques targeted at relieving tightness and adhesion. Facilitated stretching, Thai massage protocols, and joint oscillations will also be employed to increase range of motion, enhance mobility, and fine-tune the body for optimal performance.

Injury Recovery Massage Sessions

Recovering from injury, chronic pain, or discomfort from overuse requires sessions that employ the full arsenal of our modalities. Your Urban Sports Therapy therapist will create a session that will focus on identifying the source of pain and treating the entire structure with targeted deep tissue therapy, circulation, stretching and mobility. The goal…reduce pain and discomfort to get you back on the bike, back in the pool, back in those sneakers and on your way to peak performance again.

Are you a San Diego Athlete? Let Urban Sports Therapy get you tuned-up for peak performance today. Call for an appointment with our sports massage therapists at 323-836-1852 or send us a message here!