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Combining seven proven massage modalities into each session, our Bend-based massage therapist, David Wachtel, offers the very best in sports massage to residents and athletes. With years of hands-on experience in sports massage and athletic training, David applies his extensive knowledge of physiology to help his clients feel rejuvenated and relaxed after intense physical activity.

Working primarily with athletes and sports professionals, we aid in the recovery from stressed, over-fatigued muscles and the alleviation of pain and discomfort. Numerous studies have shown that massage therapy offers several physical and mental benefits, including pain and tension relief, stress reduction and recovery from soft tissue injuries. Other medical reports have shown massage sessions to be beneficial to those with a number of physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, recurring headaches and sleeping disorders.

Those working within Bend’s corporate world can also benefit from our comprehensive massage sessions, as daily occupational demands can take a negative toll on the body and its systems. Sitting for long periods of time, high-stress situations and incorrect ergonomics all work together to create an environment that perpetuates physical pain and stress.

Massage sessions, provided by a knowledgeable therapist, can help keep your musculoskeletal system functioning at its best, providing the aforementioned benefits and allowing you to remain focused and working with less stress or anxiety.

Those looking for pain relief in the Bend area can call Urban Sports Therapy at 323-836-1852 to schedule a massage therapy session. With the right techniques, backed by extensive knowledge, we can help move you towards a higher degree of health and wellness.