Overcoming Injuries with Urban Sports Therapy’s Bodywork & Massage

Injuries happen.  Even the smallest injury can set back your training in a substantial way; hindering progress, performance, and mental focus.  Therapeutic sports massage is an essential tool in the ascent back to optimal health.  Urban Sports Therapy’s bodywork specialists can help aid injury recovery by:

  • Increasing circulation and to affected areas
  • Releasing tightness and adhesion that forms as a result of trauma
  • Restoring range of motion
  • Stimulating muscle repair
  • Decreasing recovery time

With targeted musculoskeletal treatment, we can help you overcome injuries faster.  Get back to your training or exercise program in less time, with less discomfort, and more confidence.

More medical benefits of therapeutic sports massage from Urban Sports Therapy:

Discover how bodywork and sports massage enhances total-body wellness for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals dealing with injury or disability.

  • Circulatory: Massage has been proven to promote healthy circulation by reducing blood pressure, dilating blood vessels, stimulating increased venous blood flow from the extremities, and delivering a higher concentration of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Massage also aids in lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and waste products with higher efficiency.
  • Muscular: The muscular system is a primary target of every session. Benefits include reduced tension, release of adhesion, and freedom from acute muscular dysfunction. Massage helps to reduce soreness and muscle fatigue after an intense workout or endurance event, and targeted therapy can increase flexibility and range of motion, key factors in athletic performance.
  • Fascia: The most abundant tissue in the body, fascia, or connective tissue, creates the tendons, ligaments, and other structures that are the bridge between the muscular and skeletal systems. With a direct focus on stretching and releasing adhesions in this connective tissue, therapeutic sports massage can create that true sense of openness and release you expect from a deep tissue massage.

Therapeutic sports massage benefits the athletic body both physically and mentally. Reducing muscular tension, relieving discomfort, and promoting strong mental focus. Sports massage is a valuable tool for the athlete before events, after events, and during the weeks and months of intensive training and preparation.

Injured? Want to prevent further injury? Give a masseuse at Urban Sports Therapy a call and make an appointment. We’ll treat your chronic injury and help to prevent athletic injuries in the future. Call us at 323-836-1852 or send us an email here!