1. What Your Body is Telling Your Massage Therapist

    For those new to therapeutic massage, it can be quite the surprise when your massage therapist asks you about how your digestion has been lately or how many hours you work at a computer a day. Where you may think that the two have nothing to do with your tightened muscles or increase in back pain, your masseuse knows different. In fact, there are a number of health factors that your body and back …Read More

  2. How to Get Ready for a Massage

    New to massage? We understand the trepidation you may experience when considering booking a massage for the first time. After all, thinking about being in any stage of undress with a stranger does not exactly calm most people. However, understanding just what your massage session entails will help you relax; and a relaxed, calm and open-minded client is one that is more likely to walk away with a …Read More

  3. Beyond Pampering: Why You Need a Massage Today

    It's not likely that, if you've ever experienced one, we'd have convince you to get a massage. However, for those that believe that a personal massage is just a way to pamper and indulge oneself: think again. Its time to take a real look at the physical and mental benefits that are delivered through massage. Athletes have understood the health benefits of therapeutic massage for decades and incor…Read More